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144 Brazil Songs & Football Chants

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241 Brazil National Anthem The Brazilians loud and proud! רשימת השמעה
480 Brazil! Brazil! Great ringtone for a Brazilian Fan :) רשימת השמעה
820 Le Le Oh Brazil! Brazil! רשימת השמעה
1272 Brazilian with Lots of Pride Five times winners of the World Cup (a record) and eight times winners of the Copa America there are some reasons to be proud רשימת השמעה
1786 World Cup Chants - Brazil A 2 minute compilation of the best chants in the archive for Brazil רשימת השמעה
1842 Don't Be Scared You Can Sing Sing fearlessly רשימת השמעה
1869 The Champion Has Arrived The Champion רשימת השמעה
1988 Tropical Brazil Jorge Ben's Brazil Tropical רשימת השמעה
2457 Oh Argentina Your Time Will Come Hahahaha.. one day if you're lucky רשימת השמעה
3282 Only Two Cups NEW The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina continues. רשימת השמעה
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3682 Go Away Go, Go, Go רשימת השמעה
3999 Argentina Me Diz Como Se Sente NEW Wish we had the lyrics to this one, if you know them send them to רשימת השמעה
4271 Lucio! Go Lucio רשימת השמעה
4373 A Thousand Goals NEW Pele has one thousand goals, Maradona doesn't רשימת השמעה
4394 Five Stars on My Chest NEW 5 estrelas no peito רשימת השמעה
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